Why the Democratic debates were a gift to Trump and Republicans

In the age of Trump, politics has gotten a bit exhausting. A gravestone in the latest “Simpsons” Treehouse of Horror episode read: “Slow News Days.” Wouldn’t it be nice if things could calm down a bit?

Any presidential candidate who stood before the American people and said, “I vow to make politics so boring you won’t have to check the news again till 2024″ would have a pretty compelling argument. There must be millions of Americans in the Upper Midwest thinking, “I dislike Trump but things are otherwise pretty much OK.” Not a single Democrat is trying to reach these voters.

“Return to normalcy” was a winning campaign slogan in 1920, which Joe Biden ought to remember since that’s the year he was first elected to the Senate. Biden seemed like a plausible Return to Normalcy candidate as of, say, 8:59 Thursday night. Not anymore.