Give us Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Living on the USS Enterprise, visiting far-flung planets, going on adventures with your friends while wearing a modular outfit and a cute pin: Now that’s Fully Automated Luxury Communism. (Where does the “Gay Space” part come from? Who knows, though here’s one answer: “Gay and space were added because of the tolerance the communist movement has on sexuality and space because space is fucking cool.”)

Perhaps FALC is best understood not so much as a diagnosis of the present or a prediction of the future but as a kind of guide star. Many of the world’s richest countries already guarantee citizens their basic needs. Saving the planet by promoting a complete conversion to renewable fuels is possible and necessary. More progressive, redistributive forms of politics are becoming more popular, arguments for full-fat communism aside. And advanced, mind-bending technologies are already here.

Perhaps the most radical part of the FALC ideology is an emphasis on eliminating labor for the good of humans, rather than fearing the obsolescence of human work. Humans in rich societies could and arguably should work far less than they do, and might thrive far more if they did, FALC argues. There is no need for the world to look like Star Trek for that to become reality.