Justice Ginsburg warns the Court may be sharply divided over final cases

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg warned on Friday that the court is likely to be sharply divided in the coming weeks over some of the “most watched” cases that remain — perhaps even giving a clue to how justices will rule on the fight over the 2020 census.

Her comments to the Second Circuit Judicial Conference in New York underscore the deep schisms on the newly solidified conservative court now that Justice Anthony Kennedy has been replaced by the younger and more conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She made clear that she thinks Kennedy’s retirement will impact not only the cases this term but also those for “many terms ahead.”

Ginsburg did not reveal the vote count of some of the remaining opinions, but hinted there might be close divisions in cases such as a dispute concerning a citizenship question on the 2020 census, as well as the issue of extreme partisan gerrymandering.