Report: Bayer to stop advertising on Carlson's and Ingraham's shows

This comes after the company last year announced it would stop advertising with Ingraham, saying in March 2018 there were “no plans” to do so again in the future. But Legum noted that Bayer did begin advertising on Ingraham’s show again a few months later. Bayer also stopped advertising with Carlson for months before returning. Legum reports that Bayer was Ingraham’s number two overall advertiser this year and Carlson’s number five.

Ingraham recently came under fire for seemingly coming to the defense of a white supremacist, putting an image of Paul Nehlen up on the screen during a segment about “prominent voices censored by social media.” Amid the ensuing firestorm, Fox News stood by Ingraham and insisted she was not defending Nehlen. The episode immediately prompted one advertiser, Fracture, to pull out of the show, saying that “we certainly don’t have to support hate speech with our advertising dollars.”