The real reason some Brits don’t like Trump

It seems clear to me that it is Trump’s uncouthness and vulgarity that these people truly despise. It’s his lack of cool, his roughness, his — dare I say it — white-trash tendencies. The demo wasn’t a genuinely political protest — it was an outpouring of oh-so-British snobbery against a man who is seen as the personification of the coarseness and crassness of dumb America.

This is why Trump-bashers obsess over his ‘pussy’ comments. They seriously talk about those ugly unguarded comments he made more than they do about his bombing of Syria last year. This is why they are so outraged by his Twitter feed and its unrefined language. This is why they have a field day every time Trump garbles his sentences or mispronounces a word or when it is revealed that he watches TV at night while eating a cheeseburger — because what they really loathe about Trump is how low-class he is, how uncultured he is, how boorish he is.

Trump-bashing isn’t a political stance — it’s a snooty mocking of white-trash America.

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