As of now, Mueller is effectively Trump's best friend

In this context, there are several layers of irony in the remarkably underreported emerging reality that it appears as if Mueller is never going to testify publicly in front of Congress and television cameras. Reportedly, Mueller doesn’t want to become an overtly political figure by being part of what would surely be a shit-show dominated by Republican grandstanding over “deep state” conspiracy bullcrap.

While Mueller’s desire to avoid such a scene is understandable, his apparent unwillingness to endure it on behalf of the truth and justice, is not. At best, Mueller is being colossally naïve. At worst, he is wimping out of his moral responsibility, while enabling and rewarding some very unscrupulous tactics.

Let’s be very clear. The difference in public interest between Mueller testifying in a closed-door session, and him doing so on television, is a lot like the difference between there being a print report about Beyoncé having done a private nude photo shoot, and those pictures actually being published.

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