Argentinian doctor found guilty of "violence" for refusing to abort 23-week old baby

A doctor in Argentina has been found guilty of failing to accomplish his duties as a public functionary after he refused to perform a legal late-term abortion on a woman who was 23-weeks pregnant.

Dr. Leandro Rodriguez Lastra, prosecuted in the Argentinian town of Cipoletti for “obstetrical violence,” will be sentenced during a special hearing in the days to come by a criminal court in Cipoletti.

Dr. Rodriguez Lastra could receive a suspended prison sentence of up to two years, meaning that if he once again were to refuse a legal abortion he would immediately be sent to jail. He is also under the threat of being struck down from the register of licensed physicians, which would mean the loss of his job.

He was judged on Tuesday of bearing “penal responsibility” for having disregarded the law on abortion by “omission.”

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