The Internet is more likely to save conservatism than destroy it

This is why Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey want government intervention and regulations on their services. This could help them in four ways: (1) government could do the company’s work of censoring conservatives; (2) taxpayers would pay for it; (3) the government, not the companies, would fight the inevitable legal battles; and (4) these platforms would have their monopoly status made permanent since the government could shut down “unregulated” online forums.

Seeing that Twitter and Facebook have millions of users, some may wonder how feasible it would be to have government monitor so many millions of discussions, but this is beside the point. Partisan government officials could simply pick and choose people they don’t like and silence them.

This situation is the real danger. When government intervenes and essentially takes away a whole medium of expression, free speech (let alone conservative speech) will quickly die. The mainstream view will dominate once more and debate will cease.