Alabama state senate passes near total abortion ban in direct challenge to Roe v. Wade

The House approved a version of the bill that had an exception for the mother’s health, passing 74-3, then a Senate committee added an exception for rape and incest. Republicans in the Senate, however, suddenly tabled the rape and incest exemptions last week, leading to swift and vocal opposition from Democrats…

Singleton put up an amendment to make exceptions in the case of rape and incest again on Tuesday night. Four Republicans joined the seven Democrats present to vote for the exceptions, but the measure failed in a roll call vote. Singleton then accused proponents of the legislation of having “raped the state of Alabama with this bill.”

“You don’t care anything about babies for real. You just kicked them in the stomach and you aborted them yourselves,” Singleton said Tuesday. “You just aborted the state of Alabama with your rhetoric with this bill. You just aborted the state of Alabama and all of you should be put in jail for this abortion you just laid on Alabama.”