With their reaction to Barr's deception, conservative media has become lobotomized

Had Barr been a remotely honest and fair arbiter here, the public perception of the Mueller report would be vastly different, especially among non-cult member conservatives, than it is today and, consequently, far more malleable voters would have actually read the report. It is obvious that Barr’s entire strategy here, reminiscent of my old Catholic priests who advised against reading the Bible without the proper supervision, was to make sure that Trump supporters don’t read the report, at least not without the guidance of someone like Sen. Lindsey Graham (who himself hasn’t read the full report!).

By setting a false media narrative for three weeks before most of the report was finally released, Barr, quite successfully, gave permission to every Trump supporter to not bother spending the time and effort to read such a long and involved document, and instead just take the state-run media’s word for how much it really “exonerates” the most awesome president of our lifetimes. Once that narrative was fixed in stone, it also paralyzed the still semi-conscious elements of the “conservative” media by removing any cover for them to take a position which would now be seen by the cult as having gone rogue.

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