Dennis Miller's anti-anti-Trump comedy

There must be about 63 million Americans nodding along with Miller’s take on 2016. “They could have passed out a big sheet of paper that had two boxes on it, one that said ‘Hillary’ and one that said ‘not Hillary,’ and I was gonna put my X in the ‘not-Hillary box,’ okay?” He has a laugh at how Mrs. Clinton’s victory party turned out at the Javits Center that November night: “It was like a snowflake Jonestown.” The media’s real-time collapse of confidence provided much accompanying amusement. “Is there anything more delicious than visionaries who didn’t see it coming? Over on CNN we got Wolf Blitzer, the hapless U-boat commander.”

Allowing that Trump is “far from perfect,” a “liar,” and “crass sometimes,” Miller nevertheless likes a lot of what Trump is doing, including “knocking down the whole Washington, D.C., Jenga tower of bulls***.” Most of the nonstop breathless scandalmongering in the media about the president strikes Miller as fatuous, leading to the classic Miller-ism, “CNN couldn’t be any more in the throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks business if they were Jackson Pollock testing a strand of pasta to see if it was al dente while working in a spin-art booth on a carnival midway.” All of this inspires Miller to come up with a line that ought to be added to the right-wing book of familiar quotations. “Liberalism is like a nude beach,” he says. “It sounds good until you get there.”

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