"Trump's furious with Don"

Of all Trump’s former staff members, McGahn is receiving the brunt of Trump’s post-Mueller rage. McGahn reportedly spoke to prosecutors for 30 hours during at least three voluntary interviews. He was cited 157 times in the report—more than any witness—and provided vivid examples of Trump’s efforts to obstruct justice, while presenting himself as an ethical actor, a circumstance that’s always been galling for the president. “Trump’s furious with Don,” a source close to the White House, said. According to the source, Trump wants his lawyer Rudy Giuliani to file a personal lawsuit against McGahn for making defamatory statements in the Mueller report. (“Trump never asked me to sue anyone,” Giuliani told me)…

Meanwhile, old Trumpworld schisms are reappearing. Witnesses who spoke to Mueller are angry that Trump is blaming them for the contents of the report when Trump’s legal team told them to cooperate. “You didn’t have to send me in there,” said a witness. “I didn’t want to go in. It was this mentality that we’re going to do what makes sense in the moment and when it doesn’t work out, we’ll throw everyone under the bus.”

“Trump should be furious at Ty Cobb,” said former campaign aide Sam Nunberg, referring to Trump’s original lawyer, who was responsible for the strategy. “Mueller’s lawyers could have asked those people anything and they would have to answer. The idea you’d do that with Donald J. Trump? That’s just stupid.”

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