Trump’s gay allies join fight against "opportunist" Pete Buttigieg

Some gay conservatives told The Daily Beast that feel that Trump allies like Angelo and Grennell are “pandering” to the administration, using their status as gay men to give Pence cover in hopes of ingratiating themselves for political or career advancement.

“Log Cabin Republicans didn’t endorse Trump when [Angelo] was head of that organization, and now he’s trying to be relevant after a completely ineffective attempt at leading an organization to support LGBTQ issues and candidates,” a gay Republican former candidate for office told The Daily Beast. “With an administration, and a vice president, wanting to add some window-dressing of LGBTQ support while they advance policies that harm LGBTQ Americans, Gregory sees his chance to gain real access—for business or a job—not for making a difference in people’s lives. This is about him.”

“It’s a little sad to me that somebody has to do that for a job,” a current Log Cabin staffer told The Daily Beast, after reading Angelo’s accusation that Buttigieg prolonged his time in the closet for political benefit.

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