Lewandowski advising candidate hoping to challenge Ocasio-Cortez

Papazian, who writes for medical trade journals, leads an anti-AOC Facebook group called “Bronx Bolshevik Bulletin” and has written for American Greatness, a pro-Trump political blog best-known for an anonymous post declaring the 2016 race “The Flight 93 Election” that compared the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency to armed hijackers flying an airplane: “Charge the cockpit or you die,” wrote author Michael Anton, who later went on to serve in the Trump administration.

Papazian’s posts are less inflammatory, but in one she did suggest that the “Deep State” was taking its cues from the Netflix television show House of Cards to attempt to undermine the Trump presidency; in another she argued that Americans are now forced to armed themselves because “politicians who take donations from gun control activists have passed unreasonable gun control laws that effectively negate your Second Amendment rights.”