Biden is frontrunner, but many Dems doubt he can win

For many critics that will begin with the nice things the 76-year-old is willing to say about Republicans such as Pence.

“His world view on dealing with Republicans, and most issues are out of step with where a lot of Democratic voters are right now,” said one Democratic strategist. “The problem Biden has to overcome isn’t a problem with the Pence remarks themselves, but, rather they’re an early warning sign of what he is going to face when he goes from senior party figure and lovable grandpa Joe to an actual candidate.”

Democratic strategist Christy Setzer said it’s “ironic” that Biden finds himself in this scenario because when issues like gay marriage surfaced in the Obama White House, “it was Biden who was seen as moving Obama forward on issues.”

And while Biden frequently touts his willingness to work with Republicans, “sleeping with the enemy, in this case, being chummy with Trump loyalists, won’t be taken lightly by Democratic primary voters,” Setzer said.

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