Did the Cohen testimony change anything?

In other words, opinions of the president’s personal character are baked into the cake. Even Republicans don’t think he’s particularly upstanding in the ethical department. A January 2019 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that just 63 percent of Republicans see the president as honest and trustworthy, and only about half of Republicans (53 percent) think he has high personal and ethical standards. By the way, only 18 percent of independent voters see him as honest and trustworthy or believe he has high personal and ethical standards.

Moreover, there was nothing that Cohen discussed in his testimony that voters hadn’t already heard about Trump: he paid off a mistress (with the help of the National Enquirer), he used his charity as his own slush fund, and he lied about his ongoing negotiations about the Trump Tower Moscow deal. Even his attack on Trump’s character – “he’s a racist, he’s a con man, he’s a cheat’ – is something that has been said about Trump for the last three years.

As such, there’s little to no chance it is going to change the opinions of the president in a meaningful way.

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