MAGA is no longer just a slogan. It’s a symbol of rebellion.

Both Hasson and Smollett are 100 percent responsible for their own actions, full stop. But there’s a reason Smollett tossed a MAGA hat into his ring of conspiracy. There’s a reason Hasson, who reportedly never spoke of politics at work and seemed a dedicated military and Coast Guard service member, is presumed by some to be a Trump supporter.

During the two years of the Trump presidency, MAGA has morphed in the public mind from a rah-rah rally chant to a nearly KKK-grade threat of white supremacy. This is obviously unfair to the millions who support, say, a conservative Supreme Court yet never racism or nativism, but this is where we are. The value of MAGA as a positive slogan is spent, except among a relatively small cadre of Trump loyalists who might as well be exchanging a secret handshake.

As a symbol of rebellion, on the other hand, you might want to invest. It should come as no surprise that some kids love the hat because grown-ups are so upset about it.

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