Is Never Trump extinct?

The only way to have an impact on the electoral map and ensure NeverTrump exerts serious, quantifiable political power is for all of its 2016 members to somehow get on the same page in terms of whom to support, and then collectively move to Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida. Short of that, our influence will be more subtle (campaign contributions, an endorsement, advice on debate technique). Ideally, what we do will help counteract the work done by others like Mr. Erickson.

As things stand right now, I’m inclined to vote my conscience and back Mr. Weld. I voted for him when he ran on the Libertarian Party line in 2016. He had a solid fiscal conservative rating as governor. He’s more capable than Mr. Trump of doing the job of commander in chief. He is likable and funny, and I can see him working well with other world leaders.