The U.S. is asking European countries to deploy troops to Syria

Senior U.S. lawmakers and military officials are pressing America’s allies in Europe to commit hundreds of troops to create a buffer zone on the Syrian side of that country’s border with Turkey as the bulk of U.S. troops there withdraw. If they agree, President Trump is open to keeping some U.S. troops there to help them, according to Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.).

Graham outlined what he called the “post-caliphate strategy” and the U.S. drive to seek European troop deployments in northeastern Syria during public remarks at the Munich Security Conference, an annual confab of officials, lawmakers and journalists from around the word. He told the mostly European audience that he had discussed the plan with Trump extensively — including Friday — and said that, based on these conversations, U.S. lawmakers and officials would be using their bilateral meetings at the conference to ask European allies to pitch in.

“I’m hoping that President Trump will be coming to some of you and asking for your help and you will say yes. And in return, the capability that we have that is unique to the United States will still be in the fight in Syria,” Graham said.