Why infanticide isn't a bridge too far for many abortion supporters

When more radical voices disavowed the suggestion that abortion was something tragic and proclaimed that abortion is an empowering experience that should be available on demand and without exceptions, the “legal, safe, and rare” moderates in public office embraced this evil. Likewise, when candidates have defended a woman’s right to end the life of her nearly full-term child by sucking the brains out of his skull, the two-thirds of self-identified pro-choice Americans who oppose third-trimester abortions appear to have abandoned their opposition at the ballot box. Why weren’t these things abhorrent enough for reluctant abortion advocates to experience a road-to-Damascus conversion and embrace the pro-life cause?

Likewise, as Democrat governors Andrew Cuomo and Ralph Northam now embrace infanticide as the next frontier to conquer in defense of “women’s reproductive rights,” it appears Democrats are once again poised to follow the extremists in their party. Why aren’t they disavowing them?

To answer these questions, permit me to share with you an illustration I like to call the Parable of the Burning Building.