Study: Social media addicts struggle to make friends in real life

That’s because relying on social networks to connect with one another leads people to go out less and worsens friendships, according to a survey of 3,053 British adults commissioned by the French alcoholic beverage company Pernod Ricard.

The survey found that six in ten respondents meet up with friends less frequently, with 55 percent agreeing that social media has made relationships with friends more superficial. Not surprisingly, the average person has drifted apart from seven friends, placing the blame squarely on seeing one another in person far less than they used.

Respondents say beyond social media, working long hours, being a parent, and living farther away from their friends all contribute to a fading friendship.

In looking at their large group of friends on Facebook, the average respondent would classify just 23 percent of them as true friends in real life. A third of those surveyed admit they wish they had more close friends now than they actually do.