Fox News’ restraint on Buzzfeed paid off, and should be a lesson to other outlets

Bias can give you one thing that is very important to journalism. Bias, in fact, is an incredibly useful, clarifying tool in one regard. It breeds skepticism. And there should be no higher state of consciousness for the press than skepticism. Skepticism of government leads to accountability. Skepticism of statements leads to clarification. If indeed we are under an assault of fake news, what greater calling is there for a truth-seeker than that of skeptic? Doubt is not just a weapon, it’s a microscope, a scalpel, and a yardstick. Measure yourself against it.

That is the fatal flaw. The networks, journalists, they find these stories about Trump plausible because they are plausible, but that doesn’t make them true. Only the truth makes them true. You see, contrary to a lot of my fellow conservatives or even fellow media critics, I don’t think the big, bad problem with press is Trump hate or Trump derangement or advocacy or bias. It’s a failure to be skeptical as a result of those things that is the problems. It happened during the Kavanaugh process, and it happened here.

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