Poll: Shutdown goes on, while Americans blame President Trump and reject a border wall

As the partial government shutdown moves towards the end of its fourth week, the conflict between the Republican President and the Democrats in Congress is not one President Trump is winning. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, the President gets most of the blame for the shutdown, and for the first time in four months his approval rating has dropped below 40%. 39% approve of how Donald Trump is handling his job, 52% do not…

39% favor building a wall in principle, but 49% oppose it. Opposition has grown in the last few weeks. At the start of the shutdown, as many favored the wall as opposed it.

As for the President’s promise of who would pay for the wall – by eleven to one, Americans say the President promised Mexico would do that. As many say that means he promised Mexico would send a check to the US at some point as say he promised to use the trade agreement to cover costs, which is how the President now says Mexico will pay.

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