Pelosi, Democrats should discipline Tlaib’s anti-Semitism

It is hardly surprising that Tlaib, a proud Palestinian-American, isn’t a fan of Israel. But she is also on record backing the movement to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. BDS’ purpose is neither to criticize Israel’s government nor to work for a Palestinian state alongside the Jewish one. Rather, BDSers single out the world’s sole Jewish state for opprobrium, with an eye toward its eventual elimination.

BDS is an act of anti-Jewish bias, and her attempt to conflate the discriminatory commercial conduct the anti-BDS bill would ban with free speech is disingenuous. While most other Democrats wanted to stall the bill — because they want nothing passed during the government shutdown — Tlaib’s playing of the dual-loyalty card crossed the line into open anti-Semitism.

Pointing this out isn’t to pooh-pooh King’s odious worldview. His claim that civilization can’t be preserved with “somebody else’s ­babies” rather than white Anglo-Saxons, and his flirtations with figures associated with white ­supremacy, should have prompted the GOP to shun him long ago.

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