This season’s guilty pleasure: Binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies

Seasoned fans go a few steps further. They find Hallmark Christmas movies to be amazing, best watched in bulk and worth staying up all night for. Some say a steady routine of Hallmark Christmas movies is part of self-care, a bit like meditation.

Crown Media Family Networks, a subsidiary of the greeting-card maker, is the company behind more than 150 original Christmas movies that have run on its Hallmark-branded channels over the past decade. There are 22 new ones airing on the main Hallmark channel this year—they started Oct. 27—and another 15 new ones on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Together with past years’ movies, they run practically round-the-clock, 10 to 12 a day. Some fans have found the best way to keep track of what they’ve watched is with a spreadsheet.

“I am often asked, when will Hallmark hit a ceiling on how many Christmas movies it produces every year?” said Michelle Vicary, the company’s executive vice president, programming and publicity, in an email. “So far, we are not there. There are viewers who tell us that Hallmark holiday on TV is something they wait for all year long.”