Comey returns to Congress for showdown with Republicans

Now, as Comey returns to Capitol Hill Friday for his first appearance in 18 months, he’ll be facing some of Trump’s closest allies. And this time, it’ll be out of the camera’s glare. Despite Comey’s pleas for a public hearing, House lawmakers have required the ousted FBI chief to appear behind closed doors, ensuring the first version of events will be told through the lens of self-interested participants as they exit. A transcript of his testimony — which will be before the House intelligence and judiciary committees — is expected to be released about 24 hours after he appears.

House Republicans are eager to try and nail down Comey on several issues before they cede their majority to the Democrats after the new year.

Republican leaders on the intelligence and judiciary committees, which have been conducting a joint probe into possible FBI malfeasance, have questioned Comey’s honesty about his interactions with Trump and his decision to not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information. They also want to press him on a court-approved surveillance warrant for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.