Never Trump clings to Russia collusion conspiracy theory despite lack of evidence

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg fell for NPR’s false story about Trump Jr.’s testimony. In a column of Mueller probe fan fiction (really!), he lashes out at those who are frustrated by the epidemic of false news reports and defends his error on the grounds it was an “entirely plausible story.” For all of NeverTrump’s moralistic attacks on Trump for being dishonest, it’s strange to see one of their leading lights defend falling for falsehood and spreading it around, because it might have been true in an alternate universe.

Goldberg claims he’s completely neutral in the overarching discussion of the conspiracy theory regarding Trump and Russia, but adds that Trump’s “true nature” will be exposed and “he will not look good in this fight.” Also, Mueller is “the only major player here who deserves the benefit of the doubt” and that “the one thing I know he cares about is the facts.”

Goldberg further says that those who criticize Mueller are “grifters” who are slandering him. More telling than any of that is his utter lack of curiosity about the manifest improprieties at the Department of Justice. I’m going to be honest: I’m not entirely sure this suggests neutrality or anything even close to it.

Further, it doesn’t suggest a grasp of the facts surrounding the Russia-Trump collusion narrative or Mueller’s track record as head of the FBI.