Fox News loves Trump. Dems want to complicate that marriage.

It’s not just the conservative-leaning members of the Democratic Party who have taken the approach of direct engagement with the conservative press. Warren, who is frequently the subject of Trump’s racist “Pocahontas” attack line and often mocked and labelled as a boogeyman on Fox News segments, has appeared on the network three times this year: once during a round of Sunday show appearances, once to discuss marijuana legislation alongside Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) and finally for an appearance about her bill on Equifax with Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA).

But, as of yet, no other prospective 2020 presidential candidates outside of Warren and Swalwell have made concerted efforts to appear on Fox News. Swalwell said that in a conversation four years ago, Bill Shine—then an executive at the network and now a top adviser to Trump—made a pitch to have more Democrats appear on their programming. But lawmakers have largely resisted because of what they view as slanted and adversarial programming that is designed—first and foremost—to demonize them and often rests on misinformation to do so. Some Democratic veterans have concluded that while conservative media should be engaged, Fox News itself is a lost cause.