Why do Republicans question the IQ of opinionated women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Lately, it’s been hard not to notice the resurgence of the grand old patriarchal political strategy of demonizing women.

Republicans have been championing forced birthing and state control of the nation’s uteri for decades, but now the right-wing appears to have officially adopted the modern witch trial as the proper antidote to noisy Democratic women.

The witch trial of Hillary Clinton is the most famous right-wing ‘success story.’ By portraying a hard-working policy wonk, healthcare champion, and former Senator and Secretary of State as an evil witch, the Republican Party was able to bless this great country with a nationwide expansion of Trump University. Who needs a smart, ‘boring’ woman when a philandering male megalomaniac and bankruptcy-filing expert brings so much more to the table, right?

Now that Hillary’s punching bag expiration date has mostly passed, the Right needs other women to demonize, destroy, diminish and dumb-ify.

Nancy Pelosi, our soon to be Speaker of the House, is once again getting ready to make legislation great again; meanwhile, Republicans are likely doing nothing but preparing for her witch trial.

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