She posted a bad Yelp review. Then her nightmare began.

Araujo had no idea her one-star review—which she considers tame—would result in a pattern of cyberbullying, apparently from the bar’s supporters. But two weeks after the trip, a torrent of vile, sexually explicit posts started to flood her inbox.

Strangers stormed the guest book of Araujo’s wedding website and even RSVPed to the event.

“Hey I met you at taps and corks. That hand job you gave me in the bathroom was amazing,” someone named Philip Wilkinson posted, adding some other explicit phrasing. “Then inviting me to your wedding was awesome. Can’t wait to see you again Monica!”

Another man, Jason Huber, referred directly to Araujo’s fiancé. “I thank you for allowing her to go out get sloppy drunk at taps & corks and meet me in the bathroom to blow me,” Huber wrote. “Hats off to you guys for a long lasting marriage! My buddy got one from her as well and we both agree your a lucky sob to have that for life!”

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