Hold "Crooked Ivanka" accountable

She says, now, that she has turned over government-related emails to the appropriate record-keepers. But the email lapse under scrutiny is from the same period in which Ivanka Trump was still profiting from her shoe and clothing line. When her entire family so cunningly uses their political status for personal monetary gain and then claims the business is separate, do we believe that she separated the political from the personal? Is it even possible to run a pure business endeavor, without political influence, when you work in the White House and when your professional brand is your job?

If this White House had any sense of ethical obligation, fundamental fairness or even self-awareness, it would agree to — even demand — an FBI investigation, to demonstrate that their alleged commitment to law and order isn’t just a cudgel used against perceived opponents.

But of course, that is exactly what the President’s crusade against “Crooked Hillary” was about: leverage against a hated opponent. There was nothing genuine about it then; it was just one more way for a wannabe-dictator to attack an adversary. Nothing makes this clearer than the response to Ivanka Trump’s personal email usage.

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