Defining the blue wave down

Moreover, the Democrats failed to accomplish one of their most cherished goals for 2018. They badly wanted to pierce the Republican legislative firewall in battleground states like Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. That didn’t happen either. This failure was compounded by their inability to install a single Democrat in any of three highly coveted governorships in Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. The Ohio loss caused the most gnashing of Democrat teeth because the Republican candidate, Mike DeWine, appeared to be fading in the polls as Election Day approached yet won by a comfortable 4 percent.

What’s the big deal about Ohio? That a conservative Republican — rather than a RINO like John Kasich — will be its governor in 2020 bodes well for the GOP’s chances of retaining the Presidency. With a Republican at the helm and a GOP-controlled legislature, there will be very little Democrat chicanery for President Trump to overcome in his quest for the state’s electoral votes. That matters because no Republican has ever lost Ohio and won the Presidency. Likewise, he will need to win Georgia and Florida, which will be easier with Republicans working to keep the Democrats from sabotaging the election process in those crucial states.

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