The decline of sex is the end of civilization

Fact is, sex and happiness have a direct link. When older adults stop having sex, their happiness levels decrease: A 2017 study out of Florida State University found that the “afterglow” of sex lasts 48 hours and played a role in keeping couples bonded and happy.

Sexual well-being is also closely tied to overall well-being. A drop in sex can be a sign of other things going wrong. Harvard Medical School’s “Harvard Heart Letter” reported in 2010 that “for men, having sex once a month or less can be a worrisome sign of cardiovascular disease.”

Sex is a reliever of stress. It has been tied to better sleep and even lowering some cancer risks. If we want a well-adjusted, stable, emotionally healthy population, sex goes a long way toward securing that.

Then there’s the violent outbursts of the sexless. The word “incels,” which means someone who is “involuntarily celibate,” entered our lexicon after two mass murders by incel men.

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