Pro wrestling explains why Trump wins every battle with the media

A funny thing happens when representative republics don’t feel very representative. After enduring decades of empty promises and ineptitude, many Americans will come to view politics the way the average wrestling fan views an episode of “Monday Night Raw,” saying to themselves, “I know these guys behind the microphone don’t mean what they’re saying. I know that all this high-stakes drama is staged. But it’s also kind of fun, and I’d like to be a part of the show.”

If someone comes along who offers them that chance by saying things they like and smashing guys they hate, they’ll cross their fingers and hope he’s for real. In our current political climate, sincerity plays second fiddle to showmanship. Put on a good production, and we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on everything else.

President Trump picked up on this shift in thinking and, due to his experience in the WWE, he knows how to put on that show. He understands that, in political wrestling, the way you win is not by having the facts on your side but by getting over more than your opponent.

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