Joe Biden’s fans wonder if he’s too old

“I love him! He’s Uncle Joe. He’s a straight talker,” exclaimed Keitha McLeod, of Horace, a retired nurse.

But as Biden weighs whether or not to run for president for president in 2020 — a decision he’s said he’ll make by next January — one of his biggest potential challenges was also obvious: even many of his biggest fans say without prompting that his age, for them, is a problem.

Asked if she would want Biden to run for president, McLeod was adamant: “No. He’s too old.”

“We need younger people,” McLeod said. “We need young blood. I like Amy [Klobuchar] or Kamala [Harris]. They could do a spectacular job. I like Bernie, too, but he’s got the same problem as Joe — he’s too old.”

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