“He definitely has a reality distortion field around himself”

As he embarks on a final eight-state, 11-rally blitz before Tuesday’s midterm elections, Mr. Trump has hammered Democrats — not just for their actual policy positions but for some they have not taken. He accused them, without proof, of helping to orchestrate a caravan of Central American migrants; complained that Democrats had opposed opioid legislation when in fact they universally voted for it; and asserted that they would not protect patients with pre-existing conditions — even though that was the heart of President Barack Obama’s health care program.

Mr. Trump’s penchant for prevarication has been a well-documented hallmark of his presidency. He dismisses journalists who point out his falsehoods as nit-pickers who do not understand that he is speaking a larger truth that resonates with many Americans. Supporters at his rallies across the country tell reporters that they understand he may not be strictly accurate in his roaring stump speeches, but they see him as a champion of their values…

Mr. Scaramucci said the president created his own truth for the purposes of storytelling. “He definitely has a reality distortion field around himself where he curves facts toward himself,” Mr. Scaramucci said on NBC’s “Today” show. “He’s living in that bubble.”

Here are 15 of Mr. Trump’s most egregious falsehoods since Oct. 22, fact-checked by category.