"I’m not anti-Trump, I’m just pro-Jesus"

“The same people who led me to Jesus have led us to Donald Trump,” he shouts. “I’m not anti-Trump, I’m just pro-Jesus, and everything Trump seems to be doing is anti-Jesus!”

He works the crowd like a Pentecostal preacher throwing fire.

“Jerry Falwell’s dream president is poor people’s nightmare! The people that Jesus blessed – the poor, merciful, the meek – are the very people being damned by this administration. Welcoming immigrants is not a burden, it’s a sacrament!”

The crowd is on their feet, energized and emboldened. Just minutes earlier in the evening, Selmanovic – an immigrant from Croatia – described a promised land for progressive Christians who have been wandering in the wilderness.

“We are entering a place where we find ourselves homeless,” he says. “One way of Christianity is ending to the point of no return … a new Christianity is coming. It is night right now, and there is a river we will cross tonight. The water will open, and we will walk through into this new space. A new day is coming.”