Why Democrats are staying silent about the migrant caravan

Yet border control is still a powerful message and the silence of the Dems about the caravan is instructive of the trap they face.

If they support the use of the military or any other Trump measure aimed at blocking entry, they risk turning off the party’s leftist base on the eve of Election Day. On the other hand, if they object too loudly and demand sympathy for thousands of unvetted migrants, Trump will have fresh reason to brand them as favoring open borders and illegal immigrants over law-abiding citizens.

Trump vows to end birthright citizenship in challenge to 14th Amendment
Silence is not usually the best option in politics, but in this case, it’s the only one that makes sense for Democrats.

Unfortunately for them, Trump has both the advantage and the bully pulpit. He pressed his point Tuesday by asserting that he has the power to issue an executive order that ends birthright citizenship.

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