Poll: Half of Americans say Trump has no responsibility for mail bomber’s actions

Nearly 90 percent of those polled said they’d heard at least something about the bombs, according to the HuffPost/YouGov survey, with most saying they’d heard a lot about the story. Thirty-nine percent said Trump did enough to condemn the pipe bombs mailed to his critics, while 34 percent said he did not and the rest said they were unsure.

Just under one-quarter of respondents said the president bears a lot of responsibility for the bombs, 15 percent said he bears some responsibility, 10 percent just a little, and the remaining half said he bears no responsibility at all.

Views on both questions are divided sharply along political lines. Nine in 10 Trump voters said that Trump has no responsibility for Sayoc’s actions, with 88 percent saying the president did enough to condemn the bombs. By contrast, 80 percent of Clinton voters said the president has at least some responsibility, with just 7 percent saying that Trump issued a strong enough condemnation. Nonvoters, meanwhile, were about evenly split on Trump’s response to the bombs, with a slim majority saying he has no responsibility.