This is why it’s so hard for us to quit Twitter

The opportunity to stop being polite and start getting real has a lot of the appeal. Jen Dziura (@jendziura), says, “I like that you can tell a stranger they’re filthy f–king wrong without later receiving a private message from a friend that’s like, ‘Donna is my aunt and she has a lot to learn but I love her.’ ”

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The candor that Twitter fosters has launched multiple movements from #BlackLivesMatter to #MeToo that have wide-reaching, real-world impact. It’s given a platform to people who don’t always have one to share their truths. In doing so, and showing how many people are affected by these issues, it’s spurred massive organizational efforts.

There’s something to be said for any medium that makes people feel they’re not alone in their concerns. In September, Barr tweeted about an event she attended called “Is America a forgiving nation?” She is still rallying fans for emotional support — and perhaps a future comeback bid. The very medium that tanked her career could be the one to resurrect it.

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