Stop sidestepping what Trump has done to American rhetoric

The person who allegedly mailed bombs to just about everyone President Trump has ever castigated has been arrested, and he’s right out of central casting. The accused bomber — and they were, according to FBI Director Chris Wray, real bombs — is a middle-aged loser name Cesar Sayoc with a history of arrests. It seems almost beside the point to note that he was once a male stripper.

As usual, when someone commits (or in this case, attempts to commit) an act of mass violence, America holds its breath as partisans from both right and left wait to see if they can pin the damage on each other. Inevitably, whomever is stuck with the assailant tries to dismiss the danger as merely the work of a single kook.

Usually, this is true. There are unhinged people — almost entirely men — who go shopping for ideologies, from white supremacy to Islamic fundamentalism. They are unstable and their motives are often beside the point.