Never Trump is from Venus, Always Trump is from Mars

But the other thing that strikes me about the Always Trump crowd is how gleeful many of them are about the entire enterprise, how much of a frisson Trump gives them. They don’t see his norm-breaking as the cost of doing business in pursuit of political objectives. For many (most?) of them it’s a feature, not a bug.

I would remind these folks that Democrats felt the same way about Harry Reid’s decision to destroy the Senate’s norms back during the Obama years. And now that the shoe is on the other foot, Democrats are miserable. It’s as though the Trumpers look at the world as it is being remade by their champion and cannot imagine the balance of power ever swinging back in the other direction.

Someday there will be a Democratic president giving rhetorical cover to Antifa thugs and attacking an independent counsel and refusing to release her tax returns and pushing through a Supreme Court justice of questionable moral worth (or packing the Court) and passing single-payer, socialized medicine on a one-vote majority—and a whole host of other things we can’t even imagine yet. And when that day comes, the same people who revel in Trump’s norm-defying antics now will be screaming bloody murder, oblivious to the fact that they helped create this timeline.

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