Mueller is everywhere, except the midterms

Mueller and his inquiry are missing from the campaign advertising airwaves during the final sprint to November. Debates have all but ignored the story, focusing instead on kitchen-table topics like the economy, health care and taxes. Vulnerable Democrats in red states are actually emphasizing the times they’ve reached across the aisle.

That’s on purpose, candidates and operatives from both parties told POLITICO. Most Americans are barely following the Mueller investigation’s intricate legal movements, which have already ensnared a few top former Trump aides, alleged Kremlin-backed hackers and a cast of characters scattered across both sides of the Atlantic.

Most important, voters don’t want to talk about it either.

“In our state, we’re losing 70 to 80 dairy farms a month,” said Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, a Democrat whose reelection bid has largely avoided mentioning Mueller. “I can tell you in rural Wisconsin that’s what people are asking me about rather than something that is, well, just, it’s immediate to them.