Democrats and the liberal media are afraid of Kanye West. What else explains their behavior?

When thinking about why the left has reacted the way it did, it is important to remember that practically nothing West says is particularly insightful. In the Oval Office on Thursday, he actually said, “You are tasting a fine wine. It has multiple notes to it…You better play 4D chess with me like it’s ‘Minority Report.’ Because it ain’t that simple. It’s complex.” Got that? But regardless of the effectiveness of West’s precise words, he does represent something — and that something is frightening to Democrats. Heaven forbid a successful, independent, young African American with a huge social media following would get out of line and gleefully support Trump. Watching the liberals panic has been kind of fun.

But if it’s not the seriousness of what West says that riles Democrats. I guess it’s just the fact that Democrats take issue with a black man saying something laudatory about the president. It is just more than they will allow. It’s not that the left disagrees with West’s ideas on prison reform — assuming he does have a comprehensible view — it’s just that they just can’t stand to see him embrace the president they loathe. And certainly, in their minds, no African American should be given a pass for displaying any admiration for the president. This is a case of zero tolerance if there ever was one. What else could explain the media explosion over the Kanye-Trump relationship?

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