Blame the Resistance for misguided false allegation panic

Sexual assault advocates — the ones who actually care about victims rather than politics, at least — can blame the Resistance, in part, for the public’s evidence-poor conclusion in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation. Someone made a choice to package apolitical truths with the sinister lie that most men are predators, and that even the most questionably timed allegations require not one shred of evidence to be believed.

The Resistance poisoned the entire #MeToo well. So what if Ford’s allegation, one with the unique potential to obliterate a political adversary, is so unlike the vast majority of allegations, which posit nothing to gain but justice and everything to lose for the accuser?

The Resistance had a political narrative to push, and they didn’t mind conflating Ford with all other accusers. What they didn’t realize is the public, and Republicans in particular, would correlate them the other way around.

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