Unless stopped, radical Democrats will rule or ruin America

Finally, last week, for the country, it became very, very vivid. All of a sudden, the American people were able to see straight on without editing, without distortion from the liberal news media lens, the process of a decent man, a father of two girls, somebody who devoted his adult life to helping others, being destroyed by character assassination efforts that were astonishing.

For all those liberals who told us how they worried about bullying, you then watch two women bullying Sen. Flake in an elevator, and seeing a mob booing Sen. Cruz out of a restaurant.

What you have here is a remarkable moment in American history, and it guarantees that this election this fall, is not going to be about President Trump. This election is about what kind of America do we want to become. Do we really want to become an America where left-wing values are imposed by force, by smears. Do we want to become an America where our borders are open, Fentanyl and opioids can flood in killing even more Americans? Do we want to become an America where there are sanctuary cities for groups like MS-13? A gang which tortures people with knives. Go down the list.

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