I’ve known Kavanaugh his entire professional life. It would be an honor to address him as "Justice."

I have never known Kavanaugh to act disrespectfully to any woman (or man, for that matter), or to engage in any kind of impropriety, ever. I’ve seen him drink beer in social settings on occasion, but I have never seen him even come close to losing control. On the contrary, in such situations, he is more restrained than many. He listens to, and genuinely cares about, what others have to say — including those who disagree with him. I have never known him to be anything but polite, kind, considerate and, quite often, very funny.

I have watched firsthand Kavanaugh’s growth from an inquisitive young law school graduate into a model jurist and serious scholar of the U.S. Constitution. I have known “BK” as a law clerk, as a government lawyer, as a private practitioner and as a judge. In every capacity I have seen him apply intellectual rigor and sound logic to complex legal problems. In his role as a judge, I have watched him decide cases impartially with detailed written opinions that lay bare his reasoning, involving a range of issues and parties. I have watched him grow into a proud and loving husband and dad, dedicated coach and mentor, and valued teacher and adviser.

Many recent media articles feature quotes from people who appear to know Kavanaugh barely, if at all. I’ve known him for almost 30 years, and I’ve spoken on the record to loads of reporters about him, yet I have never been quoted in any story. Is this because I have nothing salacious to say? Whatever the reason, the result is a one-sided and inaccurate depiction.

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