How Kavanaugh could help the GOP

Democrats aren’t the only ones revved up by all this. The Harvard-Harris poll found 46% of Republicans along with 50% of Democrats agreed “the battle over Brett Kavanaugh” made them “more likely to turn out and vote in this November’s midterm elections.” Republicans have generally been less enthusiastic than Democrats, but they may have been jolted into action by this controversy.

The GOP could strengthen its hand further—especially with independents—by keeping the focus on how Democrats created this mess. Sixty-nine percent of all voters—not just Republicans—believe “the Senate confirmation hearings . . . have been a national disgrace.” Seventy-five percent of voters agree Sen. Dianne Feinstein should “have immediately turned over the letter from Christine Blasey Ford” rather than sit on it for six weeks until it was leaked in the media. Note to California Republicans, left without a Senate candidate by the state’s open primary: Vote for Mrs. Feinstein’s Democratic opponent, Kevin de Leon. The better his showing in California’s red precincts, the bigger the rebuke to Mrs. Feinstein.

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