Tucker Carlson: Why would Trump honor McCain, someone he "despised"?

“More troubling, though, more interesting too, is the claim you just heard that it’s ‘despicable’ not to mourn Senator McCain in a certain way. Not just impolite, but immoral and forbidden,” Carlson told viewers, echoing a point made earlier in the day by former White House official Marc Short. “When people in authority, people with TV shows, for example, decide that they can dictate what emotions you’re allowed to feel, you should worry.”

He said “McCain knew that well” because he “spent five and a half years as a captive in a society just like that and he spent the rest of his life fighting against it.” Without irony, Carlson added, “He hated authoritarians above all.”

“John McCain was a complicated person but a great man,” the host said finally. “If you really want to honor his memory, you ought to let people make up their own minds about what they think.”