Why you should have sympathy for Paul Manafort (even if you don't)

Paula Duncan, the juror who spoke out, said, “Something that went through my mind is, this should have been a tax audit.”

Indeed. But Manafort backed the wrong horse in 2016, and now he must pay the price.

The class warfare stoked for decades by Leftists hellbent on someday sparking Bolshevism 2.0 will keep many for feeling anything at all for Paul Manafort. It’s easy to point and laugh when the “mighty” are brought down. We don’t have private jets and multiple mansions spread across New England, so why should he? Enjoy your cell and don’t drop the soap, pretty boy.

In a real prison, where Manafort is headed, they say it’s impossible to keep all the rules to the letter. That’s purportedly so guards can have ultimate control and the ability to choose who to punish.